Technical Specifications Manual for Online Testing
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Technical Specifications Manual for Online Testing

These operating system-specific manuals provide information about hardware, software, and network configurations for running various testing applications provided by Cambium Assesment, Inc. (CAI). These publications are intended for technology coordinators responsible for configuring the hardware, software, and network in a school’s online testing environment. You should be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Networking—Bandwidth, firewalls, whitelisting, and proxy servers.
  • Configuring operating systems—Control Panel in Windows, System Preferences in OS X, Settings in iOS, and the Linux command line.
  • Configuring web browsers—Settings in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

These manuals also guide users in installing the Secure Browser for their devices. The secure browser is a web browser for taking online assessments. The secure browser prevents students from accessing other computer or Internet applications and from copying test information.

  • ELPA21 Screener
  • ELPA21 Summative
  • Technology Coordinators
  • Preparing for Testing
  • During Testing
  • Technology
  • English