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Updated User Guides and Resources for Upcoming Screener Administration

Jul 30, 2021

Updated versions of the following Screener resources have been posted to the portal:

  • ELPA21 Kindergarten Screener FAQ
  • ELPA21 Screener Step 2 Speaking Scoring Document
  • ELPA21 Tool Buttons Sheet
  • ELPA21 Technology Skills Checklist

Additionally, updated versions of the following user guides and manuals have been posted:

  • ELPA21 Online Screener Test Administration Manual (TAM)
  • ELPA21 TA User Guide
  • ELPA21 DEI User Guide
  • ELPA21 TIDE User Guide
  • Reporting System User Guide
  • ELPA21 Accessibility and Accommodations Manual
  • Technical Manuals for Setting up your Devices for Online Testing

Be sure to contact the Arkansas ELPA21 Help Desk if you have any questions.

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